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Access Anywhere: Seamless and Secure Cloud Based Networking

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Access Anywhere: Seamless and Secure Cloud Based Networking

If you have been in the industry for any length of time, you’ve used your share of Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), battled with client profile configuration, updates and of course multi-vendor client or driver interoperability issues. Connectivity needs to be seamless and available anywhere with the same user experience and predictable performance. Find out about a new offering that does just this with a globally available overlay leveraging a centralized policy enforcement engine.

Changing Landscape: No Boundaries

As more workloads and employees embrace mobility, and resources become less static, the conventional delivery platform is forced to keep pace. This altered consumption model is no longer restricted by data centre walls and demands automated infrastructure. There are no boundaries or limits to where users may need access or what workloads they may need to connect with.

With a sharp focus on availability and secure access to resources, Meta Networks provides an enterprise Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) to connect private clouds, data centers, and SaaS/IaaS/PaaS applications. Meta builds connectivity over a secure, overlay network that provides the agility and performance required by modern users and applications.

Why is an overlay important?

In today’s world of on-demand deploy any thing|where|time, securely connecting every device and person requires an overlay network that focuses on accessibility. This is where Meta comes in; the most programmable, agile and security focused overlay that provides cloud based PoP’s for truely global access. Connect end users, devices, data centres securely to centrally managed NaaS in minutes and secure communication based on centralized policy definitions. Automate the setup of a new site or user with powerful API’s or connect a new site in minutes by running simple Ansible playbooks.

Use Case: Secure Mobility

There are many use cases where this type of service could be game-changing and compliment or redesign existing DR plans and how/where workloads are consumed. Secure mobility is a great starting point.

Mobile Workforce/Employee Private Access:

  • Securely connect global mobile and remote employees to data centers, cloud infrastructure and SaaS
  • Centralize policy control that defines access to resources (regardless of location)
  • Deploy flexible routing and gateway controls
  • Centralize authentication and auditing
  • Provide isolated access for contractors and partners

Why use a NaaS for mobile users?

Think of a network overlay as a fully meshed routed environment that connects mobile and remote users to any private or public cloud, providing:

  • Global access and availability backed by a secure overlay over a worldwide backbone
  • Secure connectivity to global mobile and remote employees to their offices, data centers, cloud infrastructure and SaaS resources
  • Completely private network isolation
  • Agility of a cloud based software-defined network
  • Micro-segmentation powered by centralized policies

What are the operating benefits?

  • No physical hardware to buy, licensing to maintain, or firmware updates to manage
  • Eliminate added latency of centralized security backhaul for access to DC’s or cloud/Internet services
  • Global accessibility, low-loss, predictable-latency access with built-in failover
  • Consume internet circuits for transport instead of costly dedicated, low-bandwidth connections
  • Simple and centralized on-boarding
  • Easy to use security policies
  • Comprehensive, non-repudiable audit log for enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Monthly OpEx pricing model vs. CapEx spend with costly services

Coming Up

Interested in other exciting use cases and understainding how it all works for this exciting cloud overlay platform? Look for deep-dive technical blogs focusing on:

  • Centralized security
  • Policy driven access to overlay resources, and
  • Site-to-site connectivity for agile workloads

If you missed the event Arctiq and Meta Networks (previously NSOF Networks) held in July, have a quick read here: A New Approach to Cloud Based Networking – Focus Group

Welcome to the future of the cloud-connected, simplified, yet still unified, overlay. Take the first step and engage Arctiq to learn more about Meta Networks and help with architecture, a PoC, or implementation services.