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GKE On-Prem and Anthos Config Management

By July 15, 2021No Comments

GKE On-Prem and Anthos Config Management

Anthos is an offering from Google Cloud that enables modern hybrid applications to work across multiple environments through the power of automation. Arctiq is cooperating with Google every day to make Anthos offerings a reality for consumers. We are also prepared to help clients make Anthos a reality for your individual use cases (Read More about how Arctiq helps enable Anthos).

Anthos Config Management is one such offering. Whether you’re in the cloud, on-premises, or both, Anthos Config Management allows us to define and enforce security rules and machine configurations for a fleet of Kubernetes clusters. This is done using familiar configuration formats such as YAML/JSON living in source control, where branching, collaboration, and reverting changes are possible. For example, a Machine Deployment configuration defines the current state of a cluster, such as replica count, number of CPUs, disk size, memory, and more. After pushing these changes to a repository, Anthos Config Management will sync the updated Machine Deployment configuration and scale nodes accordingly. Here we are using Anthos Config Management to automate policy and security at scale in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) On-Prem. The following video will demonstrate the scaling of our GKE nodes.

Check out the demo below or via our YouTube channel. {% include video name="OXncIZdLH18" %}

As you can see, we are leveraging Anthos Config Management to synchronize the git repository, applying the latest Machine Deployment in code to dictate our node configuration in our GKE On-Prem cluster. You can perform the same steps to scale down your cluster to fewer nodes or resources. Note that these nodes will always be terminated and rebuilt, so be sure you’re following proper DevOps practices and not creating snowflakes on these nodes. With the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach you should feel confident that these nodes will come back up with an identical setup.

The Arctiq Team has been busy with Google, meeting weekly, corresponding over Hangouts, and providing feedback to GKE On-Prem/Anthos developers directly. The perpetual chatter on Slack exhibits how devoted our team is to help improve these services and bring them into our ambitious customers’ environments. I’m looking forward to my continuing endeavor with GKE On-Prem, Anthos, and other neat products coming from Google this year!

Interested in learning more about GKE On-Prem, Anthos, Config Management, or requesting Beta participation? We would love to hear from you.

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