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//helping people succeed

By July 15, 2021No Comments

//helping people succeed

<img src="" size="M" position="right" alt="code" %} Last week I had the pleasure of having a fireside chat in Toronto with Kelsey Hightower from Google at our Clouds Containers and Kelsey Event. When I look back at the day it was a ton of fun… It’s nice to be reminded of the strong opensource / tech community we have in Toronto and it’s refreshing how much we can all learn from each other when we find the time to get together and share our thoughts.

Starting the day I was able to do a Multi-Cloud CI/CD OpenShift / Kubernetes Demo and watch other great tech talks. I then sat down with Kelsey and talked technology & culture for an hour, ending the day with our community discussing "our challenges", "our successes", and things we all have in common. It’s nice when work doesn’t feel like work…

The @arctiqteam plans to share the days content with those who were not able to make it and also dive into the tech demo’s and share some code.

When I was watching the fireside chat recording this piece of advice jumped out… Stay tuned for more clips and blogs to come.

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When you find someone with the willingness to actually execute, you have to put them in the position to succeed – period. – Kelsey Hightower

Arctiq is very excited to be kicking off our ecosystem partnership with Google.

Interested in learning more or discussing container based technology? We would love to hear from you.

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