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Deploying Google Anthos and GKE On-Prem with Optiva

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Deploying Google Anthos and GKE On-Prem with Optiva

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I was lucky to have the opportunity to present at Google Next 2019 alongside our new friends from Optiva, and partners from Google. The spotlight has been on Anthos and GKE On-Prem since the opening keynote, and it continues to ramp. All Google’s new offerings focus on a solid foundation of flexible and hybrid compute, supported by Anthos. I expect to field many calls and conversations about Anthos, as does the rest of the team at Arctiq!

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We have released a few blogs so far, and will continue to bring you new content from Google Next 2019. The conversation is all about use cases. Anthos can solve many of them. Here is our Anthos breakout session video – myself along with Dan from Optiva and Wes from Google presenting the ideal use case!

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Interested in learning more about Google Anthos, GKE, or GKE On-Prem and how you can tackle your own use case? We would love to hear from you.

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