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HUG10 Armon in Toronto talking Consul

By July 15, 2021No Comments

HUG10 Armon in Toronto talking Consul

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Arctiq loves hosting community meetups at our Toronto office. We recently hosted HUG10, (aka, HashiCorp Meetup #10). We had Co-Founder and Co CTO Armon Dadgar in to talk about Consul and Service Mesh. Arctuq’s own Tim Fairweather took time to show off demos we have been working on to solve some customer challenges.

Hope you enjoy the demos and Armon’s talk from the event. Be sure to sign up for future HashiCorp HUG’s in Toronto. Check out the HUG demo and talk below or via our YouTube channel.

Tim’s Talk and Demo (with beer in hand!) on service mesh and Consul Connect: {% include video name="p4fwU_z9DfA" %}

Armon’s Talk on Consul and Service Mesh: {% include video name="5QHyka6im4M" %}

Interested in learning more about HashiCorp or any of the topics we discussed? We would love to hear from you.

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