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Kicking into Fifth Gear pt1

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Kicking into Fifth Gear pt1

Many years back I never would have thought to be this far from where I began. Having finished education in a completely different field of work and feeling confident of that career path, I did notice a slight twitch in my hands. I was watching as my backup plan to work in I.T. was moving out of reach if I didn’t do something soon. xkcd-workaround

ah, thank you xkcd.

kvmHow come Windows can’t do this? Taking things further I delved into distro-hopping for the ideal Linux distribution to tinker and break and fix and break and fix. This was around the time that Proxmox VE 1.2 was out and if you remember, it was based on Debian 5 and had a very simple feature set. Again, I was astonished — ‘virtual machines??’‘how many can I run?’ –. From then on I mostly fell into the self-taught curriculum that brought me to understand Linux and virtualization as I know it today. This is when my home-lab was born, and kept me busy with more to absorb.

amahi logoAmahi project. Amahi is still active today, as a Fedora-based ‘home-data-assistant’ as they coined it. To the Amahi community, I owe a large part of my self-education in the Linux sector. (To this day, I run Proxmox 5 in my homelab)

centos logoCentOS on my home-lab and pushing my learning as much as I could with online courses and in-class courses such as the RH124+134 (RHCSA), I began to feel really confident with enterprise grade Linux and the systems administration craft. To go along with this I had the chance to move around in the company through different support teams, all with the common denominator of Unix/ Linux beneath it all.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post