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Fireside Chat with Brian Gracely from RedHat Summit19

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Fireside Chat with Brian Gracely from RedHat Summit19

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It’s been a busy couple months with lots of travel for me, visiting partners, customers and checking out all the key conferences in the US. One of the many advantages is I get to meet up with great people I don’t get to see that often.

My latest fireside chat was with a guy who is certainly in the know when it comes to all things cloud and kubernetes. Brian Gracely works for Red Hat and spends much of his time helping customers and community members with a focus on OpenShift. I would also highly recommend checking out a couple Podcasts he looks after:

PodCTL and The Cloud Cast

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Brian and I found a quiet room to site down and have a chat about Summit19, the state of kubernetes, OpenShift V4, operators, serverless, community, opensource, success stories and challenges that many of our customers are trying to solve… among other things… As you will see Brian is a wealth of knowledge and super easy to have a conversation with. We even had a couple bloopers with the lights going out mid talk. Right when the serverless discussion started. it felt like a sign… Hmmmm

Check out the fireside chat below or via our YouTube channel.

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