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Fireside Chat with Dan Papandrea from GoogleNext19

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Fireside Chat with Dan Papandrea from GoogleNext19

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Another fireside chat in the books with my good friend Dan Papandrea field CTO for Sysdig. Dan and I were both at Google Next19 in San Francisco and we managed to step away from the conference Thursday afternoon to have a chat.

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We decided on a new theme this time Moscow Mule’s after Moscone, Dan took me to his favorite restaurant in San Fran Sauce on Belden. Chef Ben cooked up some amazing food for us and we had a couple Moscone Mule’s and reflected on a busy week at GoogleNext19. Phil Williams also managed to drop in to share some stories from the week. I highly recommend checking out Sauce next time you visit San Francisco.

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It was busy week for all, meeting new people and reconnecting with others. As you will hear our voices took a bit of a beating over the week but it’s always worth it.

The Arctiq – Sysdig partnership has been running in top gear! Sysdig made some key announcements during the week of Next, one being the announcement of their Visibility and Security Platform for Google Cloud’s Anthos. Thanks for the shout out!!! Arctiq and Sysdig have been working together to test and validate the Sysdig monitoring and security services on Google Anthos. We talked about a variety of things about the week and community we are all so lucky to be part of. I am sure we said Kubernetes a few times…

Check out the fireside chat below or via our YouTube channel.

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Interested in learning more about Sysdig or any of the topics we discussed? We would love to hear from you.

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