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Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower

<img src="" size="M" position="right" alt="code" %} On June 28th in Toronto, Arctiq had the pleasure of hosting a fireside chat with Kelsey Hightower from Google at our Clouds Containers and Kelsey Event. If you don’t know who Kelsey is, he’s a huge kubernetes advocate and opensource evangelist. More than anything he is known for sharing his time, knowledge, code and has a strong commitment to the opensource tech community. Kelsey is also an all around approachable and nice guy. You can check out his Github page here:. Do yourself a favour and search for some of his keynotes and live technical demos from various community conferences.

When I look back at the day it was a ton of fun… It sure felt more like a one day conference than the event we had originally envisioned. It’s nice to be reminded of the strong opensource / tech community we have in Toronto, and it’s refreshing how much we can all learn from each other when we find the time to get together and share our thoughts. Thanks to everyone who came out to spend the day with Arctiq, Google, Hashicorp and the community.

You can check out the fireside chat we have posted on our YouTube channel. We started out with some ice breaker questions, moved onto topics like opensource, community, devops, kubernetes, federation, istio, security and serverless. We were also able to receive some great questions from the community.

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<img src="" size="M" position="right" alt="code" %} The afternoon was spent in a few different hands-on breakout sessions. One group spent the afternoon learning about infrastructure automation utilizing Terraform and GCP, and the other went deep into the wonderful world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning). Another small group spent the afternoon in a more free flowing open discussion talking about relevant and emerging topics. Topics ranged from Culture Challenges, Big Data, Security, Istio, Secret Management and Serverless. I gained a great deal out of this session thanks to the open and collaborative nature of the people who attended. You know you got the right group of people together when the group is interacting with each other more than the team facilitating the discussion.

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We finished the day with an open reception thanks to our friends at Hashicorp. It was nice to meet new people and also spend time with our existing customers. Much of the evening discussion was about the latest tech and the fast approaching summer. It was nice to see many people planning to take some time away from work and spend time with family enjoying some downtime. We are a hard working community that is passionate about our work, and it sure is nice to to be able to call this work.

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The @arctiqteam still has a couple of tech blogs to release from the day’s content. Keep an eye out for those in the upcoming weeks, we will share the code we used to develop the event demo’s and workshops on our Github page.

Arctiq is very excited about our ecosystem partnership with Google.

Interested in learning more or discussing the technology we utilized? We would love to hear from you.

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