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Fireside Chat with Mark Chmarny – Google

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Fireside Chat with Mark Chmarny – Google

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Another fireside chat in the books with Mark Chmarny – Knative Community Leader and Technical Program Manager @ Google. We managed to shoot this one in Google’s beautify office in Chelsea New York City. We chatted about many things such as how the Knative Community was assembled and how Google is using the Knative technology to bring the CloudRun service to Google Cloud Customers.

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I had a great week in New York speaking and doing live demo’s at Anthos Day with my business partner Tim Fairweather. I received a very cool surprise when I arrived at the event and noticed this massive quote on the wall. Its amazing to see how far Anthos has come since the early days when Cloud Services Platform was announced.

Google made some announcements during Anthos Day New York. One of them being Beta support for CloudRun OnPrem. You can read more about CloudRun here and some of the recent Anthos announcement’s here.

I hope you enjoy this discussion, keep an eye on Knative and CloudRun. This tech is really going to change the Cloud Native game…

Check out the fireside chat below or via our YouTube channel.

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