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Fireside Chat with Todd Wilson from RedHatSummit19

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Fireside Chat with Todd Wilson from RedHatSummit19

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This one has been a long time coming… Original plan was to shoot this chat from a beautiful forest on Vancouver Island the last time I was on the west coast. We weren’t able to pull that off but we managed to meetup @ Red Hat Summit 2019 in Boston.

Another fireside chat in the books with Todd Wilson Director, BC Developers’ Exchange. Todd and I managed to find a corner of the conference for a chat before we headed to the airport. Personality it was a great week of human networking and learning for me, ending it off having a chat with Todd was icing on the cake.

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As we all know change is hard and the art of being a change maker is a special skill and full time job. You will see in our chat that Todd has proven that with perseverance you can be successful and the larger organization (in the case government) can reap the benefits.

One of the coolest things is that BCDevExchange gives back to the opensource community and works hard to build a strong community in general. It’s a proud moment for Arctiq when code we developed for "The Gov" makes it onto the public Github repo and made available for others to use. It’s even better when a customers asks us about a certain problem and we can point them to a tool we built they can benefit from. We all use opensource ever day to solve problems but it’s sometimes hard to contribute back. Well BcGov is doing exactly that… Well done!

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I hope you enjoy this discussion, you will hear some tips and tricks from Todd on how "The Gov" have been successful with change. You will also hear some lessons learned including things that are just plain hard and how they are going about overcoming those challenges.

Arctiq loves working with BCGov and looks forward to many more years collaborating together, delivering *change and technology advancements. Hint** You will see many challenges are overcome by people working with people (some things never change).

Check out the fireside chat below or via our YouTube channel.

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Interested in learning more about BCDevExchange or any of the topics we discussed? We would love to hear from you.

You can also check them out @

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