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#StartupLife #ArctiqLife

By July 15, 2021No Comments

#StartupLife #ArctiqLife

It feels like every time I come into this office, I’m surprised by something having changed on my desk setup. My monitor has grown legs and walked off, but not as frequently as the dongle I need to make it usable. I had a mousepad for a little while, but no mouse (now it’s the opposite). A pile of stickers was re-integrated with our main stash so my macbook is still woefully bare compared to everyone else’s. And I’m eyeing everyone suspiciously over the disappearance of a pen or two. It’s like some kind of magic.

This morning, the very desk itself had been replaced with a new one. And it wasn’t just mine– we now have twelve motorized adjustable standing desks in the office, whereas this time one week ago we only had two. They’re white legs with bamboo tops and seem to have sprung up as quickly as actual bamboo. Really, magic!

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But it’s not just the desks, which were all assembled over the weekend at about an hour apiece. This is week-two in our new freshly-renovated office one floor up from the original Arctiq HQ, and the entire space is different every time we walk in, the smell of orange cleaner hanging in the air.

Of course, it’s not sorcery. The real magic is in making it all look easy.

Similarly, my first months at Arctiq as Operations Lead have been a whole lot of figuring out how to create the same veil of easy execution while secretly panicking along the way: Constantly learning something new (quite literally on a daily basis), tackling projects with little experience (event planning is surprisingly anxiety-inducing), and trying to balance the pace of having a hand in every department that makes the company function (my to-do list is a mile long). Luckily I have good role models for managing this, as well as the DIY attitude of everyone else here.

It’s easy to overlook the amount of effort expended behind the scenes. When we host meetups and meetings in our new space, people aren’t going to know that Aaren spent all of his Friday putting together half of the standing desks himself, with Kyle, Mike, and Shea taking on the other six over their weekend. When I go to our new kitchen to brew a coffee, or plop down on a couch to work on a quiet Thursday afternoon, I won’t be thinking of the time and sweat that went into lugging the appliances and furniture up and down the stairs of our third floor walkup. Every person on the team has contributed in ways they would not have been asked in another workplace, and to see their efforts come together in tangible ways is seriously impressive.

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In a freshly-painted room, you only notice the missed spots and clumsy brushstrokes. I hope that as I grow in my role, that for each time I mistakenly under-order taco fillings for a user-group meetup, there are many more things I’m pulling off with the same unseen effort as a complete office space sprouting up overnight. Or perhaps the same finesse as a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

Except that it’s not magic! It’s #StartUpLife …it’s #ArctiqLife and it’s awesome!