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What does Dad do?

By July 15, 2021No Comments

What does Dad do?

What does Dad do?

New job, new technology, new techniques, new co-workers and clients, new problems to solve, new tools to solve them with.

It’s definitely been a great summer spent adjusting to my new role with Arctiq. Stretching my comfort zones and learning new things has given me some victories along with some nervous moments. Put together it sure is looking like the year has been great, and will end on an even better note (with more to come!).

As my family grows (up?) and either my job changes (or my sons do), I get new chances to try to answer the ‘What does Dad do?’ question. In past years it has been as light as ‘Dad does stuff with computers’, and has slowly gotten more complex. Either due to getting better at it with practice, or my sons’ growing appreciation for all things related to video games (my go-to for making computers relate-able to my kids).

This round of ‘What does Dad do?’ has been fun, as well as the most complex yet. I started off with a generic: ‘I help people, or teams, or companies make stuff to run on computers’

I got a pretty quick: ‘Yeah, yeah, we know dad … but what kind of stuff?’

Luckily we had to run out the door to soccer, so I got a breather before I had to answer. I spent the next few days mulling over what ‘stuff’ was, as well as how to explain to my kids something that I feel I’m still (constantly) learning about too?