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Myth: You Can’t Run a Cloud-Only Business – Debunked

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Myth: You Can’t Run a Cloud-Only Business – Debunked

Does the traditional legacy of heavy operational practices need to exist in modern business? If a greenfield company can run only in the cloud, more mature businesses can too. Even those saddled with legacy processes! I argue that you can, over time, move business ops fully to the cloud and automate many of them, bringing increased value to your clients and both internal and external stakeholders.

Traditional: Business with an IT Department

Arctiq: IT Company with a Business Department

Business is a function. Many of the sub-functions required to operate a business can be optimized through automation…the same automation our consultants implement for everything from image deployments to container platform builds. Cloud is a major enabler of automation, especially across multiple SaaS services. If we look at our company as the core of what we provide our clients (in our case IT services), then shouldn’t the operational functions be just that… automated and optimized business operational functions? This allows us to spend our ‘human’ time working directly with clients and internal teams, continuously improving every day.

As we’ve learned building our young (born-in-the-cloud?) business at Arctiq, we’ve moved many if not all of the operations process to automated functions. We have selected SaaS tools flexible enough to meet our demands (without moving off mainstream releases), and cloud-based workloads for storage, data repositories, labs, authentication, etc., which drives our agility. It’s also a built-in BC/DR program. There’s nothing Arctiq cannot accomplish if our office locations cease to exist tomorrow, or if our primary or secondary service providers fail. We can continue working on, unabated, with all the same critical data and tooling we have at our fingertips today.

Does that make us born-in-the-cloud? Well, simply born in the cloud-era maybe…because shouldn’t all modern businesses look at opportunities to streamline? In our case, streamlining came crashing out of the gate with a greenfield approach, so it’s not like I’m pointing fingers! Moving away from legacy procedures takes time. And it’s clear there are many wasteful legacy procedures in the simple running of even our cloud-based business functions, whether we like it or not.

So we push back. We push up the hill of change. Automate where possible, and leave the finishing touches to us humans. That’s what modern ops in the cloud can bring: Stateless business functions at an IT company.