Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer

As founder of Arctiq, Mike was instrumental in the formation of Arctiq’s consulting and delivery practice, with 25+ years honing business case development, technical process improvement, and consulting on DevOps culture have built Arctiq’s foundation. “Cloud is pervasive. DevOps pipelines have turned mainstream. Data and Security are now the backbones, not an afterthought. It’s time to ratchet up the deliverables and impact some real change in the future of applications.”
Eric brings over 15 years of senior leadership expertise to Arctiq. His capabilities include extensive business operations experience, strong financial acumen, and experience leading professional sales organizations. Eric is an accomplished strategist with intimate knowledge of the Canadian and North American IT professional services industry, and the experience necessary to help exponentially grow IT consultancy organizations.
David brings over 20 years of technical expertise to Arctiq, building his career as a sales engineer, software engineer, consultant, and strategist. At Arctiq, David is responsible for setting technology direction and enhancing Arctiq’s technology, ecosystem, and go-to-market strategies, as well as leading Arctiq’s team of highly skilled technologists.


PMO Leader


Data Practice Leader


Operations Leader

Gary has over 16 years of experience managing IT projects and programs within diverse enterprises including telecom, financial services, and IT systems integration. In his current role, Gary is responsible for ensuring that Arctiq’s team of experienced project managers leverage the project governance processes in place while working in tandem with Arctiq’s skilled technologists to deliver high-quality, successful projects for clients.
Frank brings with him a wealth of experience as both a Founder and CTO at multiple data-driven organizations. He has built his career around leveraging data to solve problems, and is a leader in helping Arctiq on its journey to better utilize data for our clients’ goals. As our Data Practice Leader, Frank defines and implements Arctiq’s next-generation data strategy spanning across and beyond infrastructure and application modernization.
Nic brings 10 years of experience working in the performing arts, and ensures that Arctiq continues to innovate behind the scenes in the same way it does with its clients. At Arctiq, Nic is responsible for operational management and leads a team of legal and administrative professionals.


Marketing Leader


Delivery Leader


Principal Solutions Architect

Kayla heads up Arctiq’s marketing efforts. She brings years of experience managing Arctiq’s operational, sales, project operations and ecosystem strategies, and aims to build a holistic approach to marketing that supports the needs of all teams.
Marc has over 127 years of experience sacrificing sacred animals and expertly smoking them on his custom-made BBQ trailer (aka “The Smoldering Inferno”). When he’s not generously applying balm to his impressive moustache, he has been known to dabble in DevOps strategy, cloud architecture, and automation for a series of Fortune 500 companies. He also wishes he still had a Blackberry phone.

Michael likes to help businesses drive better outcomes through the modernization of their technology practices, processes, applications, data, infrastructure, and security.


Partner Sales Leader

Olena brings over 15 years of industry experience to Arctiq, having built her career in the fast-growing technology space. Her experience spans across corporate finance, operations, and sales. Passionate about people, technology and making a difference, Olena ties it all together to facilitate success as a Partner Sales Leader at Arctiq. Along with her team of highly skilled professionals, Olena is developing a healthy and diverse partner ecosystem at Arctiq, where success of one partner contributes to the success of the other.

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